1. The Botton Down Shirt Dress

Have you fallen in love with sweatshirts and hoodies in the past months, like we have? If you also feel the difficulty in transitioning out of their softness and comfort follow our tips on how to still wear them in a casual chic style.
Styling tip? It’s all about layering.
Pair up your sweatshirt with a collar button down shirt, it can be the classic white one or blue or even bright shades of pink and orange. Choose the ones that are worn as dresses, extra long and extra wide.
Want to luxe it up further? Add a pair of high heel boots and your most beautiful bag and you have made a basic outfit look super trendy.

2. The Couture Track Suit

It’s a fact: tracksuits have not only become a necessity by now but a fashion statement; sweatshirts and joggers are making their comeback! We may transition to warmer temperatures and are starting to look for lighter clothes, but our sweatshirts remain our must have piece. Elevate your look and make it couture in your daily life.
Styling tip? Combine it with a classic piece.
Twisted with a blazer this look can become our daily ally to wear at home and about town. Create an effortless outfit that will make you feel comfortable and elegant at the same time.

3. The Low-Key Luxe

Comfort has become key after spending so much time in our homes; but don’t you also want to make your outfit feel special? Never underestimate the power of a good outfit on a bad day! So how do I make it special at home?
Styling tip? The maxi dress!
Slip on your cozy maxi dress and style it for every occasion. This type of dress style has always been versatile; going to a wedding? Dress it up with jewellery and heels. Going at the office? Add a blazer, a belt and some boots and you’re chic to go. Getting ready for a zoom call? Throw your favorite sweatshirt on and feel comfortably chic. And since you love that last look so much, for your first dinner date, add a belt, a pair of heels and your most beautiful clutch and you’re ready to go.

4. The Big and Bold Bermuda Shorts

Summer is approaching and we can’t stop thinking of which outfits to get for that perfect summer vacation. Think no more: the bermuda shorts are your solution. This classic piece is making its comeback for SS22 in all types of colors and patterns.
Styling tip? Pick a pair that finish just above the knee.
Pair it with your favorite « cozy » piece, the sweatshirt, and make a statement with your footwear, for instance white running sneakers with tube socks. If you can’t wait until summer to wear this look, throw on your favorite leather jacket and you have the perfect spring look!

5. Cinch It with Neon

One picture two trends. This spring summer 2022 season it’s all about creating shape on the body. And which best accessory to do that with? The belt of course. Whether you’re all about a simple monochrome belt or a statement heavy metal belt, this season it’s time to get them out of your wardrobe and elevate your look.
Styling tip? Pair them with neon.
Neon might not be the easiest color to pull off, but if you get it right it can really work. Team up neon separates, a skirt, a shirt, a jacket etc., with your basics, for instance a white sweatshirt and you will have created a mesmerizing look.

6. Oversized Outerwear

Slouchy overcoats, boxy puffer jackets and lengthly parkas have been popular for some years now and will continue in the next seasons too. The reason why we love this trend so much and keep wearing it, is that it gives us the ability to layer.
Styling tip? Get creative with your pieces underneath.
Style it with your luxe loungewear and some jeans and add the must‑have shoe trend: the commando boot, an elegant and low profile boot option. For a more fashion forward look, if you are too daring, complete this look with a statement belt bag piece, and you’ll have the coolest outfit.

7. Statement Chokers

Statement jewellery is obviously not a new trend. Jewellery is timeless, whether it’s a new piece trending now or pieces passed on for generations, all jewellery trends are bound to stay. This spring 2022 there is an evolution in chains and hoops entering the oversized universe.
Styling tip? Bigger may be better.
One way to make a statement with your jewellery is to combine it with one of your basic outfits, for instance a monochrome sweatshirt. With the right chunky necklace your outfit will look even more stylish. For the ones who dare, look for extravagant necklaces to wear with your sweatshirt, because it seems that for this season the motto is go big or go home.

8. The Bomber Jacket

Over the last five years the bomber and puffer jacket have become a wardrobe staple. You can now find these jackets in every color, style and pattern, and style them for almost any occasion. Wear it over your sweatshirt to keep warm and don’t be afraid to try different sizes. Depending on your look choose the cropped or the oversized version.
Styling tip? Expand your horizon this season.
Be amazed by the spectrum of bags that dominated this season’s runways, from suitcases to duffles, to backpacks, cross bodies and totes. Be daring and opt for an all‑purpose tote bag to complete your look. This look can be worn by both women and men.

9. Outerwear Lingerie

In 2020 we saw all sorts of lingerie pieces work their way into the collections of many designers. We started loving fancy bra tops under our blazers and slip dresses for our summer evenings. Corsets and bustiers were also anticipated until the pandemic hit and we all fell in love with loungewear. While sweatshirts and joggers are the must‑have pieces of the moment, corsets and bustiers also raised to the top trends of SS22.
Some will consider these two trends complete opposites and just pick one. But we love them both and choose to combine them.
Styling tip? Show it, don’t hide it.
You want a look that will make you feel straight out of a runway? Wear your favorite tracksuit set, add a corset on top, some heeled sandals and finish your look with your fanciest belt bag that will give you that extra spice.

10. The Convertible Belt Bag

This season pockets are over; now you can store everything you need in one place and be very fashionable. Belt bags or cross body bags are a practical and trendy option for every man and woman. Worn around your waist, over the shoulder or across your torso, this design can be worn for every occasion.
Styling tip? Opt for our convertible design that can be worn in three different ways.
Our GEA belt bag from our Cityscape collection is the perfect solution for this trend; a designer bag that can be worn around the waist, across the torso or cross body depending on your look and mood. You can opt for dark shades, like black that goes with everything or dare with crazier colors like a fire red! Style your favorite sweatshirt with our GEA belt bag and you’ll have the perfect casual chic look.

11. Statement Trousers

We can all agree by now that sweatshirts and joggers have become our favorite fashion pieces for these WFH days. Now, we are all starting to think what to wear next. Of course sweatshirts and joggers have taken up a big space into our hearts and wardrobes but it’s time to create bolder and trendier looks.
Styling tip? Forget about jeans and get eye‑catching and vibrant trousers to pair with your sweatshirt.
Go for an original, crazy design that will express your beauty and your unique persona. Statement trousers are being proposed by designers in all types of material, color, pattern, style and shape. The choice is wide, so pick the one that makes you stand out from the crowd. Add some sneakers for a brunch with your friends, or heels for a drink on a terrace.

Photography: Kosmas Koumianos
Styling: Panos Albanis
MUA: Fay Daskalopoulou

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