Founder and designer Aspassia Tagliente, launched her eponymous brand on February 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. Inspired by mermaids, who represent the divine feminine energy and the true power of female spirit, Aspassia puts at the center of her philosophy the woman of today and the woman of the future.

“The history of handbags represents the history of women: their changing tastes, priorities and roles in society,” said the designer. “I love designing timeless pieces to suit this new lifestyle of women: independent and mobile.”

The company creates luxury leather goods specializing in elegant and exclusive handbags to add beauty into women’s lives. The brand is committed to high quality and manufactures all of its collections in Italy with great attention to material and detail.

Italian and Greek, born and raised in Belgium, Aspassia Tagliente represents the woman of the future: independent, working simultaneously in her three countries, travelling the world, feminine yet strong.